Brand new Schmitz semitrailers arrived with “Executive Package”

Date:27 Sze, 2017

Brand new Schmitz semitrailers arrived with “Executive Package”

In order to provide our customers an even more reliable, flexible and economical service, our fleet has been extended with brand new trailers having a state-of-the-art telematic system on-board. We are committed to improve our assets permanently: on one hand with the extension of our fleet, on the other hand by reducing the costs with controlled processes. These inaugurated semitrailers give the opportunity to provide new services like drop- and stand-by trailers as well as rent trailers.

The new Schmitz S.CS semitrailer equipment is cutting edge, including a higher-level control system. As part of this, each assembly is equipped with a unique tracking system and a tire pressure monitor. In case of the safety of the goods, the trailers are build-to-suit with an anti-theft strengthened tilt and a multi-lock fixing facility, in accordance with the stricter quality requirements for freight transports.

To ensure our continuous non-stop services, 24 hours assistance against technical faults is also part of the emergency service of our new vehicles.

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