Rental services – brought to you by BI-KA

BI-KA Logistics, the leading regional service provider of complex logistics solutions has started the set-up of its own fleet 7 years ago, in 2011. Due to the continuous expansions of it, we are proud to present now a state-of-the-art fleet of close to 100 own vehicles. Thanks to the impeccable fleet as well as our expansive expertise we are enlarging our portfolio by adding new solutions to our complex services.

We are gladly introducing now one of these new services, being the trailer rental. Have you ever asked yourself the question: why is it worth to rent a trailer? We have a couple of good arguments:

  • a trailer is a rapid response unit, an equipment which is easy & fast to deploy
  • a trailer, basically a warehouse on wheels is the solution in case you suffer from an unexpected, temporary capacity shortage
  • you are free to store up to almost 100m3 of goods on one trailer with an equivalent of 24 tons loading weight
  • you can alter the number of trailers according to your initial needs
  • you are free to change the place of the trailer flexible within your yard, domestic or even international
  • flexible rental options – according to your demand starting from 1 day up to 6 months

The other, brand new service we are gladly introducing now as well is the rental of the entire unit, including the truck head, the trailer and the driver, forming a complex service package. Easy to handle, easy to contemplate – designed upon our experience:

  • rental of the entire unit, including the adherent manpower – the driver
  • the vehicle is solely at your disposal
  • you will avoid direct costs as we are taking care of the human resource as well as the technical part of the service
  • no investments needed and you will also avoid pressure on your HR department
  • a piece of mind for you: in case of unexpected and unforeseen technical breakdowns as well as the non-availability of the driver we at BI-KA Logistics will take care of the replacement immediately
  • fully visibility in regards of your dedicated vehicle: 24/7 on-line and real time
  • in case of a long term agreement, we are also offering to use the vehicle as your marketing tool and place advertisements on it
  • this type of a rental is ideal for trips between your sites, domestic or even international moves
  • lean cost structure: simple, easy to contemplate without unexpected charges to come – the fees will be structured based on a monthly rental fee and the additional per kilometer trip fee
  • competitive package: due to our buying power, the discounts we receive on purchase of equipment will be transferred to you
  • skilled and experienced workforce, paired with state-of-the art vehicles – operation only with experienced drivers and well maintained vehicles

For further information and your tailor made business proposal, please reach out to the persons in charge: