Dedicated solutions for the industry vertical agriculture

For over two and a half decades, BI-KA Logistics – the leading, solely Hungarian private owned leading regional service provider of complex logistics solutions – is committed to deliver best in class services to its esteemed business partners across the industry vertical agriculture.

We are proud, that with our solutions we connect to the supply chains of local and international industry leader’s – utmost important for us is their trust, being recognition as well as a primary goal for us to achieve. We render our services primarily for the seeds, machinery, chemicals & fertilizers as well as for the nutrition segments of the agriculture industry.

These best-in-class services rely on the in-depth know-how of our team, market, trade lane & commodity knowledge, our long-term experience, the language skills in-house, our network of partners as well as our assets and real estates.

Main driver of BI-KA’s success & growth is unspoken the industry vertical agriculture. The characteristically long-term cooperation’s with our existing business partners is marked by trust, common thinking and continuous innovation. We believe that this is the only way to create sustainable, competitive and efficient services which enable market virtue for our esteemed business partners.

We are proud, that our pool of business partners is growing constantly, confirming the quality of our services.

Today and close to a net sales of 22,5 Mio EUR per annum, BI-KA Logistics has revealed numerous unique solutions. Our services have been honored several times by market leaders, being the assurance for our activities.

We would be glad greeting you next aboard our business partners in the near future. Please allow us to introduce briefly our experiences, our expertise and know-how by revealing our core services and main trades.

BI-KA Logistics has decided to establish an own fleet in 2011 in order to support its business partners with an even more flexible and efficient service. Following the continuous enlargement, we are proud to present an own fleet of close to 100 vehicles giving the adequate answer on today’s demand:

  • powered by EURO6 engines (lowest possible emission and noise pollution, optimal power and consumption)
  • only operating with trailers of leading, European manufacturers
  • entire fleet equipped with on-board units and telematics for efficient operations and 24/7, real-time visibility
  • code „XL” certified trailers for safety on the road
  • broad variety of special features available: trailers equipped with mobile ramps, ultra light trailers, double deck trailers, drawbar trailers (Jumbos) as well as small trucks.

We have recognized that in many cases the loading process causes unnecessary headache and additional costs. Therefore all our trailers are curtain sided, equipped with a lifting roof and are cranable at the same time enabling time & cost cuts simultaneously at any loading process. Our in-house dispatch is supported by the best available telematics and TMS systems in favor of an efficient planning and routing, enabling presence for loading as desired. Furthermore, with the stand-by or on-site installed trailers we are able to support the manufacturing at the doorsteps of our business partner, easing the pressure on production and warehouse.

The mobile ramp – optimum loading support

This unique device is an efficient loading support for self-propelled machinery, tows of different kinds and machinery with a rubber caterpillar. The mobile ramp is a special heavy-duty device designed to overcome the height differences between the platform of the trailer and the ground level.

30% of our fleet is equipped with this device, supporting time & cost cut as:

  • installation is possible at any time – no need for a crane or a fixed loading ramp, only a forklift if not self-propelled machinery shall be loaded or unloaded
  • loading process gets easier and safer – self-propelled machinery can driver on or off the platform of the truck
  • heavy-duty weight limit of the mobile ramp: 10 tons
  • length: 3300 mm
  • width: 400 mm
  • tilt angle: 9,6°

Ultra light trailers – if the weight matters

Due to the innovative materials used for construction, the unladen weight of the ultra light weight trailer chassis is only 5,2 tons, enabling a plus of 10% loading weight, being 26 tons. Therefore, we are gladly offering this service if weight really matters and in order to decrease the freight charges per ton – characteristically designed to carry agricultural products based on pallets. Each single ultra light trailer of ours has moved over 3000 tons of freight last year across Europe, producing a fundamental decrease of rolling costs per ton as well as easing environmental pollution.

Drawbar trailers (Jumbos) – if volume matters

Optimization of the loading process or efficient use of the maximum loading weight – often that’s not what matters, rather the volume. We are proudly presenting our solution, being the best-available, complex option on the market, the drawbar trailer for maximum volume: +30% compared to standard tilt trailers and even +10% compared to Mega trailers as well as a maximum loading weight of 24 tons. Inaugurated fall 2017, the new drawbar trailers have taken a deep-dive into operations and are since then proudly on road in Europe.

Ukraine, Russia & CIS, Turkey, Serbia, Iran and Iraq

These trades require even more attention: in-depth expertise, experience, special language skills and a proven network of partners. We utilize only approved carriers, being fully licensed and having the necessary commodity as well as the trade lane experience to deliver also if time matters. With over two decades of track record, BI-KA’s main volumes to 3rd countries come from the agricultural machinery and seeds segments, however we are also at home in the inbound flows from Turkey or Serbia to Hungary and further Central & Eastern European countries.

Warehouse logistics service

Since 2013 we at BI-KA operate a Regional Logistics Center in the vicinity of the main transit route, the national road nr. 4. Equipped with a functioning rail-side, only we are offering a roofed cross-dock facility in the region, where we are able to trans-ship goods from wagons to trailers, all around the year. Working in two shifts, we are operate on 15.000m2, offering complex warehouse logistics solutions including customs services to our esteemed business partners. We are proud, that we are rendering our services to leading agricultural machinery and fertilizer production companies – at their service with complex solutions: rail freight, cross-dock services, customs clearance, domestic distribution and international shipping.

For further information and your tailor made business proposal, please reach out to the persons in charge: